Stop What You're Doing & Stream Nappy DJ Needles' 'A Tribe Called Kast' Mixtape

Stop What You’re Doing & Stream Nappy DJ Needles’ ‘A Tribe Called Kast’ Mixtape

you can thank J.Good April 8, 2016 0 comments


What if Tribe & Kast got the chance to work together?

Honestly I never gave that question any thought. Tribe will always be placed in a high regard to anyone who is a fan of hip-hop and though I caught on late to their music, you have to respect everything they have done for the culture.

A couple of days ago Phife Dawg was laid to rest, and though I’m not a huge fan of funerals, his memorial service in Harlem brought out the who’s who in hip-hop. One of those names were my favorite emcee of all time, Mr. Andr√© Benjamin. During a powerful speech, 3000 dropped a bomb on us when he said that Outkast and ATCQ were planning to work on a project together.

Now after an announcement like that, one can only help but to think what would have been. Well thanks to Nappy DJ Needles, we no longer have to guess. Coming in at 12 tracks, Nappy DJ Needles mash up both crews classics like “So Fresh, So Clean” and “Butter” on a tape he’s calling A Tribe Called Kast. The funny thing this was supposedly released back in 2013. Either way its dope and you should check it out below.

Download Nappy DJ Needles’ ‘A Tribe Called Kast’ Mixtape here.