Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Po Nevada
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[Sunday Spotlight] Po Nevada

you can thank J.Good March 27, 2016 0 comments

Sunday Spotlight Ponevada

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Po Nevada.

This week we head over to the east side of Atlanta, Decatur to be exact where we find an emcee with dope music and a live show to back it up. Lazies meet Po Nevada.

40oz Po (which is what I personally think he should change his name to) first came on our radar a couple of months back. I kept seeing his name in a couple of places and it was always associated with some talented individuals from the city. They say you are the company you keep and this hold to be true with Po Nevada.

After checking out his music (most recently “Get it All“), the only thing left was to see if the music holds up during a performance. Well…you guessed it! The homie can just flat out perform. He brings an energy that is simply put, undeniably East Atlanta and its everything you need right now.

He is in the lab placing the finishing touches on project, 40oz Of Truth, but in the meantime get familiar with him and his catalog of music and visuals below.