[SODD Premiere] EDIKAN - 'Naked Truth' EP
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[SODD Premiere] EDIKAN – ‘Naked Truth’ EP

you can thank J.Good March 9, 2016 1 Comment

Naked Truth

The Texas based artist delivers a new gem.

Today we get the go ahead to premiere a new project from Nigerian born artist EDIKAN titled Naked Truth. Now residing in Texas, he uses the 8 track project as an “escape from reality”. With Artem holding down the bulk of the production on this one (6 out of 8 tracks), the EP chronicles the past year and a half of EDIKAN’s life.

Throughout Naked Truth, EDIKAN gives us everything from rap to alternative rock to house to soul. If I had to sum up this body of work in a couple of words, it would have to be experimental balance.

It’s that same balance that sets EDIKAN apart from the rest of the pack of thirsty wolves seeking the attention and approval of their peers. The experimental piece is one that we should all appreciate in a world of music that is flooded with watered down replicated ideas from the latest “hit single”.

This project is clearly not that at all. What it is, in my opinion, is simply an artist with a clear vision of exactly where they want to be musically and can care less about what everyone else has to say. Sitting at right under 30 minutes, this project should be added to your morning commute playlist immediately.

Stream the EP below.