GnikTheGod & Phresh Ali Drop 'LUPOPHOBIA' EP - and Listen!

GnikTheGod & Phresh Ali Drop ‘LUPOPHOBIA’ EP

you can thank J.Good March 8, 2016



Earlier today Phresh Ali took to his Instagram account to announce he was dropping some new music today with GnikTheGod titled Lupophobia. Now Of course I had to look up exactly what that meant and I learned that its the fear of wolves or werewolves.

Now this is the first time I heard of the homie GnikTheGod, but when Phresh name is attached to something, then you have no choice but to take notice. The EP boast a quick 6 tracks and as expected is fairly a dark project (at least sonically). While I’m still taking the time to digest this work of art, I suggest you head down bottom and take a listen for yourselves.