Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight C.I.T.Y. Chronicles
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[Sunday Spotlight] C.I.T.Y. Chronicles

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Sunday Spotlight C.I.T.Y. Chronicles

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight C.I.T.Y. Chronicles.

We first met this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist through the homie Go Phigga. He came through as a guest feature on Phigga’s M.S.O.M. 1.5 project. Fast forward a couple of months and we finally met the New Orleans emcee face to face while making a stop here in Atlanta on tour. Lazies meet C.I.T.Y. Chronicles.

Full of ambition and focus, C.I.T.Y. is one of those few artist that after coming across them, you are immediately a fan. Not only can this guy rap, he’s also a cool dude to be around. Being humble goes a long way with us here on Da Den. Add that to countless good records and it make for a good recipe of success.

Back in January C.I.T.Y. released a new single featuring buzzing New York emcee Dave East titled “Monv Lisv“. Considering this record was “too real for radio”, we were patiently awaiting an accompanying visual and that happened today. C.I.T.Y. takes a trip to New York for the Ko Jones-directed visual, which can be seen below along with his other catalog.