Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Chisom
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[Sunday Spotlight] Chisom

you can thank J.Good February 28, 2016

Sunday Spotlight Chisom

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Chisom.

Earlier this month we celebrated this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist 23rd birthday with the release of his EP, The Jordan Year. After giving the project a close listen, I felt the need to almost call and give this guy an apology. For years we’ve been supporting his movement, but really only recognized him as a producer. Well today all of that changes. Lazies meet Chisom.

The Detroit born & Maryland raised rapper/producer has left his mark on the game for a while now, but it just seems like the world is missing out on everything this dude has to offer. So with that being said, we felt it was our civic duty to put the rest of the world on game.

His latest release “Africa Get Money”, finds Chisom celebrating his Nigerian roots and the new wave of African culture in America. Music like this was essential for him to make considering he is eldest son of Nigerian immigrants. Those influences alone allowed for the emcee/producer to shape and craft a sound that is truly unique to him.

As always we decided to give you just a glimpse of what he has to offer by adding his music and visuals below. Get lost in his catalog and be sure to follow him on Twitter.