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Rihanna Puts In “Work” With Drake, Drops ‘ANTI’ LP

you can thank J.Good January 27, 2016


Looks like ANTI is REALLY on the way already here.

Rumors started hitting the net yesterday that Rihanna would release some new music today and while the world speculated when and what that would be, Rih Rih continued to tease us until the official word hit that her “friend” Drake would be the co-star on her latest single “Work”.

The single has some resemblance of the two previous collaboration “Take Care“, giving us that Caribbean flare with a bit of Drizzy’s unique genius. Now of course everything went through TIDAL and if you were on your way to work this morning, you probably heard the single on your favorite radio station. Until there is an official stream out there, feel free to listen to Rihanna – “Work” Feat. Drake (Prod. By Boi-1da, SEVNTHOMAS & Allen Ritter) on TIDAL.

UPDATE: Well you may have heard that TIDAL “inadvertently” push the button and sent Rihanna’s ANTI LP in a world of internet lovers for a brief moment. But because the album would undoubtably be in the hands of everyone by morning, Rih Rih and company officially release her latest LP. Personally I think this was all done on purpose, but that’s none of my business.

01 “Consideration” Feat. SZA
02 “James Joint”
03 “Kiss It Better”
04 “Work” Feat. Drake
05 “Desperado”
06 “Woo”
07 “Needed Me”
08 “Yeah, I Said It”
09 “Same Ol’ Mistakes”
10 “Never Ending”
11 “Love on the Brain”
12 “Higher”
13 “Close to You”

Stream ANTI via TIDAL.