Devine Carama Drops "500 Bars To Glorious Pt 1" - and Listen!

Devine Carama Drops “500 Bars To Glorious Pt 1”

you can thank J.Good January 13, 2016

500 Bars To Glorious Pt 1

The Kentucky native digs in the vault and bodies your favorite instrumentals.

Remember when emcees would do actual mixtapes? You know the ones when they would jack a beat of your favorite song at the moment and add their own touch to it. Well we are reminded of what that used to feel like with the latest release from Devine Carama, “500 Bars To Glorious Pt 1”.

The jacking for beats was recorded back in 2014. The Kentucky native decided to drop the track to hold us over while recording his upcoming The Glorious B.I.G. EP.

Devine Carama explains the reason for the record below.

“I was in the middle of recording my 2014 album “Believing In Forever” and I was looking for unique was to build hype for the album. With an album already released in January and another album & ep already in the works my creative juices were pumping to say the least. So I started working on a 3 piece jackin’ the beats series entitled 500 Bars to Glorious. Fear of over saturation I scrapped the project even after recording part one and instead releasing a track called “10 Blog Commandments” which was originally suppose to be the start of part 2 of 500 Bars To Glorious… In any event, I decided to release part 1 today to set the tone for the rest of the year.”