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What Would You Do With 1.3 Billion Dollars?

you can thank J.Good January 11, 2016


Enjoy calls from new friends, your momma and cousins too.

Unless you’re on the other side of the world, then you’ve probably heard about the Powerball Lottery at a record breaking 1.3 billion dollars. First off that number is amazing and I’m sure you have ran across a million things that you would do with your new fortune. That’s not uncommon and if you have your next 10 years planned out after winning, that’s great too. However, we know the likelihood of winning that life changing fortune are slim to none.

So why are we talking about the lottery and leaving your life up to chance? It’s simple. The goal is to set the tone of your mindset to think like you already have that 1.3 billion. All of that planning that you already done can go into something a little more tangible, like your career. If that number looks good to you, use it as a barometer for your business projections and then scale down for realistic value.

What I’m getting at is that everything is about planning and timing. Nothing is left up to chance or luck for that matter. Even if you won that 1.3 billion, proper planning will need to be in place or you will become a bigger story of the “person who blew 1.3 billion”.

So dream big and plan bigger. Without a plan, opportunities will come and go, but with a plan opportunities become launching pads for successful businesses.

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