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Spike Lee Speaks on The Movie Chi-Raq on Sway In The Morning

you can thank KeKe.Scott December 10, 2015 0 comments

Spike Lee

Spike has had enough.

Academy Honorary Award recipient, Spike Lee has had enough of the Chi-Raq film bashers and brought enlightenment to those who have their own preconceptions before seeing the film. The controversial film highlights Nick Cannon as Chi-Raq (a rapper) and stars some of the most iconic black Hollywood actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snipes, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Basset and John Cusack. The film drops a few gems on the overwhelming decry of violence across the nation with references to Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and even the Texas case of Sandra Bland. Lee’s creativeness using his own modern-day twist on the Greek play “Lysistrata” (411 B.C.) intertwined with rhyming schematics could make an average viewer’s interpretation lost. One things for sure, the voice against violence was clear.

An enraged Spike Lee stated in the interview:

If you have not seen the film and you felt that we were making fun of the murders on the streets of Chicago or that we were making light of it, let me ask everyone a question: Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew was murdered in Chicago, why would Jennifer Hudson be in a film that ridiculed her murdered mother, brother and nephew? Why would she be a part of that?

Chi-Raq is out in theatres now. Let us know what you think of the movie.

Check out Spike Lee’s interview on Sway In The Morning below.