Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Why Family Is Important To Your Career w/ Lloyd Musa - and Listen!

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Why Family Is Important To Your Career w/ Lloyd Musa

you can thank J.Good November 25, 2015 0 comments

The Thanksgiving Episode

The Thanksgiving Episode.

First off Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! It’s that time of year again and instead of taking a week off, I decided to reach back in the archives and give you a dope conversation between Lloyd Musa and myself.

The conversation took place around the time his Men Are Born Kings Are Made album was released a couple of years ago. So why bring this convo back and what does it have to do with guiding your career? Well I’m glad you asked. During our sit down we talked about getting to know your family history. A VERY inspiring convo which led me to interview different members of my family and truly get an understanding of where I’m from.

I felt this would help you to become even more transparent in your music and focus more about the important things in life. So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen! Oh and don’t eat too much turkey tomorrow!

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