Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Da Deputy
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[Sunday Spotlight] Da Deputy

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Sunday Spotlight Da Deputy

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Da Deputy.

Back in June of this year, I found myself at the legendary Apace Cafe here in Atlanta for The Bar Exam. Every month the homie MICxSIC put on one of the dopest indie showcases in the city. Now even though I was there to support the homie J-Coop, I found myself spotting another artist who eventually won the showcase that night.

Enter in this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist Da Deputy. A native of Fort Worth, Texas, he is far from what we have come to know Texas for. Now of course there is no doubt that he is a product of Texas, but Da Deputy sets himself away from the rest of the pact with his potent and intentional delivery. His live show is one that will have your attention from the touches the mic until the time he leaves the stage.

One of the records that immediately caught my attention is “It’s Okay”. The single serves as an open letter to his imprisoned brother along with revealing that lack of communication with his mother. I literary put up the phone and call my mother nearly every time I hear this record, so you understand why we champion his body of work so much.

Take the time to get caught up with everything he has to offer below.