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Str8OutDaDen Podcast: When Should I Start Charging For Shows

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: When Should You Start Charging For Shows?

you can thank J.Good November 19, 2015 0 comments

When Should You Start Charging For Shows

Three tips to help you gauge when it’s time to ask for money inside.

If you are an artist then you want to get paid for your work right? It’s simple, you put in the work, recorded a quality project and hit the “chitlin circuit” doing plenty of shows for free. So how do I get paid?

Well for this week’s episode we discuss when should you start charging for shows. We go over three quick tips to help you determine when it’s time to hand promoters that invoice. We also go over how to make your own money first before asking to get paid from others.

Very quick episode here, but insightful. So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!

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