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[Sunday Spotlight] Chilly Chills

you can thank J.Good November 8, 2015 0 comments

Sunday Spotlight Chilly Chills

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Chilly Chills.

Before a month or so ago I only heard of this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist name in passing. A couple of people told me about him and of course being in my little box, I took my sweet little time to check out the music. So as you can probably tell by now, I was completely late to the party and mad at myself when I set with his music. Lazies met Chilly Chills.

As a native of Atlanta — Mechanicsville to be exact — I first saw Chilly Chills perform during this year’s A3C Festival. He was on the main stage, performing a couple of his records from his newly release DOPE EP. Amazed by his performance, I reached out to his management and he was a guest on our Good Hennec Show shortly afterwards.

Those of you who may have been up on him before me may have heard the story of how he met Kanye West and Andre 3000 being a fan of his music, all which are a plus in my book. However what really caught my attention is this guy attention to the detail of his message and goals of the of the future. His mission is to embrace Sophisticated Ignorance and trust me after having a 30 minute conversation with him, you will understand his mantra.

In the meantime we decided to shine a little light on his early career by pulling together his catalog for your enjoyment. Take the time to familiar below.