Stream C1ub AM's 'Antique' LP

Stream C1ub AM’s ‘Antique’ LP

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New heat from Alabama.

C1ub AM came from humble beginnings. When I first met the two founding members, Chri$tyle and LoveNSin, they were recording out of a wooden shed they had built for themselves. My first thought upon seeing the house that determination built? “Oh yeah, these guys are gonna make it”. The C1ub has gone through a lot of growth since that time. After releasing their “Prostitution” series (2.5 in total) they have become a staple in the Birmingham Hip-Hop scene, opening for almost every worthwhile act to come through the city. They have added and lost members. The two grew to four, then dwindled down to three. It was through trial and error and growing pains that Chri$tyle, LoveNSin, and the C1ub’s newest member: Jett were able to cook up the formula for their latest offering: “Antique”.

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Anybody who has seen C1ub AM perform can attest to their strength as a unit. That strength is on full display on this album as each member plays different roles to the same body. Chri$tyle is the mind, the undeniable thought process behind the group’s philosophy. His flow is cerebral and he dissects each track with his observations of the trials and pitfalls that come with growing into manhood in Birmingham, Alabama. Jett is the heart. His lines filled with bravado at first listen, but with deeper understanding comes the gems in his flow. He raps with the confidence and passion that is a direct result of hard work and purpose. LoveNSin is the soul. His raps filled with Biblical and mythical allusions. He depicts his flaws as a means to a greater good. In a time of microwave raps and trends that lack any sort of moral compass, C1ub AM indeed gives it’s listeners an Antique point of view. Stream Below.