Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight AxJ
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[Sunday Spotlight] AxJ

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Sunday Spotlight AxJ

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight AxJ.

A couple of months back during the homie DiV.W album release party for his NEAT LP, I was introduced to this week’s Sunday Spotlight. That night he opened up the show and only performed one record, but I knew this guy had something special. Add that on to DJ Fye Me Up playing one of his records every week at PAG and I’m a fan for this guy. Lazies meet AxJ.

The Indianapolis native made his way to Atlanta for college and to pursue his music career and the progression is real. Last month he put out his latest project, The Light Bulb Moment and truthfully, this is one of the most complete projects I’ve heard in a while. One of the reasons why is the fact he chose to go with a lot of live instrumentation. This is an element that has been missing in hip-hop for some reason, so to see an emcee during the earlier stages of his career, its refreshing.

For those of you who may not know the genius that is AxJ, we gathered a good part of his catalog for your listening pleasure below.