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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Eugenius
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[Sunday Spotlight] Eugenius

you can thank J.Good September 27, 2015

sunday spotlight Eugenius

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Eugenius

Well its Sunday and you know what time it is. Unfortunately, its also football season so please excuse my tardiness. Even though we are a couple of hours behind, we will continue to bring you the best in underground hip-hop. For this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist we travel to Birmingham, Alabama where we find an emcee with a voice and heck of a live show. Lazies meet Eugenius.

I first came across this guy music way back in 2013 on Nu Nation’s “Jazzy August“. Now at the time I was heavy on other members of the Nu Nation crew and honestly didn’t pay much attention to Eugenius. That all changed a couple of months ago when I was reintroduced to the homie again at the Secret Stages festival. Those that know me know how I feel about new artist with extremely long sets. However this guy found a way to keep my attention for well over 30 minutes, which led to an interesting conversation backstage for our podcast.

Well now the focus is back on the music and after releasing his Euniversal Understanding LP earlier this month, we thought this would be a good time to highlight his massive catalog of music. Take the time to get to know him through music below.