Stream Big Boi & Phantogram's 'Big Grams' EP
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Stream Big Boi & Phantogram’s ‘Big Grams’ EP

you can thank J.Good September 25, 2015 1 Comment


Big Boi & Phantogram visits the 7 deadly sins on their joint EP.

After releasing a couple of singles (“Fell In The Sun” & “Goldmine Junkie”), Big Boi & Phantogram release their Big Grams EP. The 7 track EP follows the 7 deadly sins with their own spin of course. Check out the stream below via Spotify or head over to Apple Music. If you like what you hear (of course you will) cop the EP on iTunes.

01 “Run for Your Life” [SLOTH]
02 “Lights On” [PRIDE]
03 “Fell In The Sun” [ENVY]
04 “Put It On Her” [LUST]
05 “Goldmine Junkie” [GREED]
06 “Born To Shine” Feat. Run the Jewels [GLUTTONY]
07 “Drum Machine” Feat. Skrillex [WRATH]

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