RetroKash - "Boyz n The Hood"

RetroKash – “Boyz n The Hood”

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The Houston emcee makes his debut on Da Den.

I’ve been watching this guy for a while now–independent rap artist RetroKash is making a buzz around H-town streets and beyond. Since his move from Shreveport, LA to Houston, TX, the grilled and blinged out homie has been really making a name for himself. Retro is featured on Houston’s own Mr. “Still Tippin’”, Mike Jones (Who? Mike Jones!) Money Train mixtape. Mike Jones track “Syrup” featuring the rising star really brings back that 90’s-era sound.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Retro along with his beast producer, business owner and manager-friend, Tavares Mac at local gigs, etc. around Houston. To see Kash perform along with the Cortez Kings movement is a sight to see– oh it’s all the way live! His support system at shows is bananas. Retro is a really humble and persistent dude too with just the right amount of gutter– he got it. It was announced a few weeks back, Mike Jones is headed on a much anticipated tour and the rising star just might be on the coast to coast line up. Two of my absolute spin-worthy tracks off Kash’s Imperial mixtape is “Boyz n The Hood” over (“Valley Anthem (Where I’m From) [feat. King Riz]” by Joey Prince) and “A Dedication to L.A.”. Retro is currently working on his forthcoming studio album, 10K with the album titled-single and video dropping soon. Get acquainted. Tell us what you think.

Download Imperial mixtape on DatPiff.

Check out Retrokash “Boyz n The Hood” as he spit about drifting, rolling from I-45 to New Orleans, living his life and much more; it’s nice.