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Billie Slum Seeks To Beat The 'Stereotype' On His Latest LP

Billie Slum Seeks To Beat The ‘Stereotype’ On His Latest LP

you can thank J.Good September 16, 2015 0 comments

Billie Slum Stereotype

Time to break the stereotypes of the hood.

Okay wanna hear a crazy story? So about a month or so ago Billie Slum came through to perform at our Say What You Say Saturdays Showcase at PAG Lounge. Right in the middle of a dope performance by the homie, we got word that APD (Atlanta Police Department) was ticketing people outside and our whole crowd basically had to make a run for it to move their cars. Billie Slum continued on with his performance as any professional should and still rocked with the remaining people who were there. Now shortly after getting things settled, I found out that not only was Slum from my hometown of Macon, he was also close friends with one of my cousins. Small world right?

Well about a week ago Slum gifted us with a new project titled Stereotype, where he sought out to escape the everyday scene we see in hoods across the world. Backed with some funky instrumentals, Bille Slum just provided the soundtrack to bring in your fall.

Stream the project below and head here to cop.