Spooks McGhie Releases His 'OLIN' Deluxe Edition LP

Spooks McGhie Releases His ‘OLIN’ Deluxe Edition LP

you can thank J.Good September 8, 2015 1 Comment

OLIN Deluxe

A year later the Winning Team member releases the deluxe edition.

A little over a year ago, the homie Abib Jahleel introduced me to an artist by the name of Spooks McGhie. After taking a couple of listens to his music, I knew we needed to get this guy in for our podcast. From there a friendship was born and more importantly I became a genuine fan of the music.

Shortly afterwards he released his OLIN LP. Now a year later Spooks McGhie is back with his OLIN Deluxe Edition. The release will have deleted songs, remixes and commentary detailing the creative process. Also for those that want to support, a ‬package will be available that includes a print out of the cover art signed by Spooks McGhie, a personalized ‪‎thumb drive‬ with his entire mixtape‬ catalog, music videos and more. Head here to support and stream the project below.

OLIN Deluxe Tracklist