Vic Spencer - "Uppercut Facility"

Vic Spencer – “Uppercut Facility”

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Vic Spencer Uppercut Facility

The Chicago spitter celebrates 3 years since dropping The Walk Away Music.

When I first came to know the Chicago lyrical giant known as Vic Spencer, it was apparent that I was obviously late to the party. Everything this guy raps on is golden. I like to think of him as one of those artists who will forever have his name imprinted in the culture.

I was reminded of that a couple of months ago when his name came up randomly during a go away dinner for my homie Black. They went on and on about how this guy in Chicago named Vic Spencer was super dope. Of course I knew already and as I sat there quietly — with the ability to make a call to the homie Vic I might add — listening to what everyone had to say, I made it known to him via text. Vic was humbled yet I could tell he expected them to love the music.

Fast forward to today and we get a new record, “Uppercut Facility” from the Chicago spitter. It’s also the 3 year anniversary of his project The Walk Away Music. The single finds Vic doing what he does best on the mic, killing your favorite rappers AND over 4 Alchemist beats.

Stream the single below.