CashUs King - "Sundown Town"

CashUs King – “Sundown Town”

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Sundown Town

Thoughts from Co$$.

CashUs King formerly known as Co$$ comes through with a new joint today with “Sundown Town”. As the tension across America reaches an all time high (at least in the eyes of the media), the Cali native shifts his focus to the perception of the urban community.

Check out the Tranzformer-produced cut below.

Also see what he had to say on the record below.

I wrote this song to contrast and compare the current state of blackness with the former state of the negro during slavery and post slavery during the Jim Crow era. I was inspired by the events in Charleston as well as the black on black genocide that occurs in numerous urban communities throughout the U.S. In a ‘sundown town’, the neighborhood was all white, purposely excluding people of other races. If a black person was caught in a sundown town after dark, he/she could be subjected to torture or lynching. The next day, the lynching would be publicly celebrated on banners and storefront signs. It’s a sort of perverse irony that these days, a black man/woman is still at risk walking in a urban neighborhood after dark(or during the day for that matter). The major difference being that he/she is more likely to be murdered by another black man/woman as opposed to a corrupt white officer or white supremacist. We create our own sundown towns. Until we learn to transcend racial differences and provide equal opportunity(and respect) to all, there will always be ‘Sundown Towns’.