Albe Back - "Love" Feat. Hassan Khaffaf & THE LAST POETS

Albe Back – “Love” Feat. Hassan Khaffaf & THE LAST POETS

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ALBe Back Love

Another dope release from THE ALBum.

We are only a week away (July 13th to be exact) from Albe Back dropping his latest opus, THE ALBum. After giving us to solid releases with “Red Moon” and “Pen.”, both produced by Hassan Khaffaf, Albe connects once more with the producer and legends THE LAST POETS on “Love”.

Stream the single below and see what Albe had to say about the motivation of the track below.

This is a moment for me. I think its a moment for everyone because its important to celebrate with the LEGENDS that still exist. That are still alive breathing our air. My mentor and (essential the reason why I write with such Passion)Teacher Abiodun Oyewole from the LAST POETS jumped on this record with me and hassan and ONE take HOV everything. It sounds like a sample!!! Funny cause hassan was heavy on the sample with this beat which he usually disguise’s well. This time our most sample full song has someone of that era singing a new song about LOVE. When he sang. BUILDS WORLDS FOR ME! I was like yea man. LOVE still exist and it can truly build you a whole new world.

UPDATE: Check out another new joint from Albe Back below.