Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Artist Maffew Ragazino
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[Sunday Spotlight] Maffew Ragazino

you can thank J.Good July 5, 2015 0 comments

Maffew Ragazino Sunday Spotlight

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist.

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight we take a trip to Brooklyn, Brownsville to be exact. We first came across this guy’s music back n 2013 on SmCity’s “Sports & Entertainment“. Truth be told back then I didn’t really dive into the music like I should have, but time would prove that was a mistake on my part.

Lazies meet Maffew Ragazino. Now if you’re from the tri-state area then you are probably looking at me thinking, “where has Good been?”. Hey I know I’m late to the party, but when you make good music, it will always be new to somebody. Ragazino recently his Eight Million Stories EP and it was on a single from that project that I was quickly reminded of how dope his is.

To catch some of you who are like me up to speed, I went through Maffew’s immense catalog and added some of my favorite joints for you to rock to below. Take a second…well more like a couple of hours and get acquainted.