Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Artist IsaiahThe3rd
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[Sunday Spotlight] IsaiahThe3rd

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist IsaiahThe3rd.

We first came to know this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist a little over a year ago with the release of his Homeland LP. During that time I was a little on the fence about him, but after a second listen I understood exactly where he was coming from. He was an artist completely being himself and in a time where most artist are afraid to do just that, I respect him for that. Lazies meet IsaiahThe3rd.

The Brooklyn emcee has continued to grace our pages here at Da Den with quality projects and singles that further prove that he should be mentioned with those on their way to the top. As always on Sundays here at Da Den we took the time to go through IsaiahThe3rd catalog to help bring you up to speed. Check out the last two years of work (if you want to go back even further, head to his Soundcloud page) from the homie below.