Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Martin $ky
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[Sunday Spotlight] Martin $ky

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Sunday Spotlight Martin $ky

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Martin $ky.

Since the inception of this site we have tried our best to bring you dope underground hip-hop from across the globe. Even though we are located in Atlanta, it always surprise me just how much talent comes from the city of Chicago and this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist further proves that. Lazies meet Martin $ky.

The Chi-Town native was one of the first artist that I noticed got a lot of attention on Da Den. Since first spotting him on his “Invitation” visual back in 2013, we’ve pretty much posted everything he put out following. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes ago, that I realized that we never gave this guy a proper look. So with that being said, the time is now that we do as our latest Sunday Spotlight artist.

Martin $ky stays relevant to us because he always pushes the envelop, both as a producer and emcee. He most recently released “SELF”, the self-produced single that followed up his Everywhere But Here EP, he released back in March.

As a treat to those of you who may be new to the solid work of Martin $ky, we included his new single along with the rest of his catalog and videos below. Take the time to get acclimated with everything his has to offer.