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Vic Spencer Goes To School On "CPS Lunch"

Vic Spencer Goes To School On “CPS Lunch”

you can thank J.Good June 12, 2015 0 comments

cps lunch

Have lunch with the Chicago emcee.

As he preps his collaborative EP with MC Tree, Vic Spencer¬†gives us something to hold us over as he takes us back to the lunch lines in Chicago Public Schools on “CPS Lunch”.

See what Vic had to say about the single and take a listen below.

CPS food was nasty, but we ate because we didn’t have sh*t at the crib. When I did have money, I brought stuff like pizza and chicken tenders which was what the kids with money ate everyday. They had options. I didn’t have those options everyday. Also it was a time for me and my friends to bond more, and til this day, I’m still friends with the people I stood in the lunch line with.