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Listen To "The Calm" & "Hear Me Out" From FlyMind Poets

Listen To “The Calm” & “Hear Me Out” From FlyMind Poets

you can thank J.Good May 6, 2015 0 comments

The Calm

FlyMind Poets give us something to hold us over.

With their sites sat on their upcoming Nation Leakz project (which is releasing May 11th btw), the brother duo release two new records prep us for what’s to come.

Listen to the Arturizzy-produced “The Calm” from Omarr below.

A track revealing my darkest moments within the last two years from resisting the urge to retaliate for my long time friend Q’s death, to going to jail and trying to bond out with no money the day right before my nephew Qwesi Franklin’s funeral.

Barz Damu joined the party with his “Hear Me Out” single. Stream the single and see what he had to say about the track below.

Random, but I thought about having a spontaneous leak of a track that I wrote and recorded a year ago. The impulse to releasing this track is inspired by the current events amongst the recent happenings in Baltimore and how many of the GENUINE rioters who are in their mind, RIGHTEOUS, in creating havoc and destroying capital of the economic institutions, are being betrayed as SAVAGES. But this song displays the deeper perspective of those rebellious brothers (and sisters, but this song is catered to a black male perspective) who feel stuck in the middle of mainstream society’s rhetorical judgement as well as condemnation from their own kind. Their perspective was always suppressed, so this song is a protest that is flaunting that perspective. I may release it tomorrow.