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Southern Lights Overexposed: The Visual Album

Southern Lights Overexposed: The Visual Album

you can thank J.Good April 23, 2015 2 Comments


Game Changer

Talking about new rules. Alex Faith and Dre Murray of Collision Records are not only changing the message in hip-hop, but how we receive it as well. We all know how important the visual are now a days, so with that thought in mind the two decided to present their Southern Lights: Overexposed album as a complete visual album.

Coming in at a little over 42 minutes Alex and Dre provide a visual for every song while tying things together telling a dope story of a young man by the name of Eric Young, whose world is shattered when he is unable to prevent the murder of his older brother.

Directed by William Thomas of Space Cherry Films, the film includes features from Swoope, Corey Paul, and many others.

Watch the visual album up top and be sure to pre-order Southern Lights: Overexposed now on iTunes.