Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Artist El Prez
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[Sunday Spotlight] El Prez

you can thank J.Good April 12, 2015 0 comments

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Meet This Week’s Sunday Spotlight Artist El Prez

Now I admit I’ve been familiar with this week’s Sunday Spotlight for quite some time now, even the work he’s done as PrezSport. Some times we’re late and you no what, we’re not perfect either.

Lazies meet El Prez. The self proclaimed Inglewood Ambassador has been on a lot of people radar lately. However for me it wasn’t until I heard the last couple of joints he released, more specifically “Society” with Sean Falyon, that I was sold on everything El Prez.

For the past couple of hours I have been going back in his catalog getting myself reacquainted and that’s when it hit me, this guy needs to be spotlighted. So with that being said, take the time to get familiar with him yourself down bottom.