BIGREC: BLSM (Respect to J. Cole)
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[SODD Premiere] BIGREC: BLSM (Respect to J. Cole)

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With another black man dying by the hands of a police officer, BIGREC takes to his platform to speak directly to the people as he goes over J. Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Citiez” instrumental on “BLSM”.

Stream the politically charged cut below and be sure to support BIGREC and his BIGRECSpeaks campaign.

On the heels of the MOST recent, nationally-publicized example of injustice against Black men at the hands of police (RIP Walter Scott, Charleston, NC), BIGREC gives a vivid depiction of the voice of Black men of all walks of life. Simply put… #BlackLivesStillMatter.

Rest In Peace to the myriad of Black Men lost in similar fashion: #RIPWalterScott #RIPEricGarner #TrayvonMartin #RIPMichaelBrown #RIPAmadouDiallo #RIPTroyDavis #RIPOscarGrant #RIPSeanBell #RIPEmmettTill(…and the list goes on)