Nobody Famous On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

Nobody Famous On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

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I’m A Platinum Producer, Animator & Web Designer, But…I’m Nobody Famous

Now I know that’s a lot, but our latest guest on the Str8OutDaDen Podcast is truly a jack of all things creative. Lazies meet Nobody Famous. First off dope name, second this guy is one of the most inspiring dudes we’ve had on the podcast to date.

He talks his journey into video which led to production that would eventually lead to him becoming a platinum selling producer. And just when you think he’s reached the top of his career, he goes into another field of animation and web designing. His story is a true testament to never being limited to one thing. Do everything you want and do it to perfection. So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!