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Kanye West Taps Kendrick Lamar For "All Day" Remix

Kanye West Taps Kendrick Lamar For “All Day” Remix

you can thank J.Good April 7, 2015 0 comments

kanye-kendrick all day

Snippet For Now

With all of the noise these two been making lately, Kendrick with his To Pimp A Butterfly album and Kanye West…well being Kanye West, it was clear that the two should join forces on Ye’s “All Day” single for a remix. Now right now we only have a very brief snippet for your ears, but I’m more than certain we will have the full audio by weeks end.

Hurry up and listen because this may not stick around long.

Also if you want to see a cool breakdown of Kendrick’s TPAB, then I suggest you check out our roundtable discussion airing live tonight via LiveHipHopDaily.