Watch Kendrick Lamar's Full Mobile Concert w/ Reebok

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Full Mobile Concert w/ Reebok

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A couple of weeks ago after Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly album leaked early, he took to the streets of Hollywood to perform from the back of a moving truck. What seemed like a clever marketing campaign for his album, actually was some co-branding with Reebok for their #GETPUMPED campaign.

After a few clips service via Instagram, Reebok gives the green light on some HD footage of the whole experience with we have made available for your pleasure up top.

Reebok and Kendrick Lamar took over the streets of Hollywood with #GETPUMPED, fusing fitness and music with a groundbreaking live event. Kendrick brought his music to the streets, performing songs from To Pimp a Butterfly atop a moving custom truck.
Reebok invited 100 tastemakers from the world of fashion and fitness to lace up with the new Reebok ZPump Fusion shoe. The guests thought they were in for standard 5K run so they could get a feel for Reeboks form fitting running sneaker. But as they ran down the streets of West Hollywood, a truck with Kendrick Lamar, his backing band, and an earth shaking sound system approached. The runners kept pace with Kendrick’s mobile concert stage all the way to the finish line as he debuted live versions of his newest tracks, including “Alright”.

By the way did I mention we holding a roundtable discussion panel to breakdown TPAB track for track on Tuesday?