Rod McCoy: Colossal (Video)

Rod McCoy: Colossal (Video)

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The Double Up

After giving us a quick visual for “Dats Us“, Rod McCoy doubles up with the Abib Jahleel directed “Colossal”. Plus its his birthday today.

See what he had to say about visuals below.

During times where influence is battled over by politicians and models turned news reporters, it’s fairly easy to become confused as to where the truth actually ‘lies’. Nations across the world have been molded to fit and remain within a paradigm and taught to accept man’s statement as fact without ever questioning it’s validity. Religions are spoon fed to us before we’re taught to recite our names and wars are raging every day “in the name” of _________. Peace is only possible in the presence of the will to obtain it and enlightenment is available to us all but who do you believe in?