ChaunSAY Mackin' & Chisom Uzosike: Mr. Smith (EP)

ChaunSAY Mackin’ & Chisom Uzosike: Mr. Smith (EP)

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Mr. Smith EP

Created In 5 Hours

Buffalo, NY emcee ChaunSAY Mackin’ and Maryland producer Chisom Uzosike connect to form ill Company collective as the two drop an impromptu EP, Mr. Smith. Coming in at four tracks, this is straight with no chaser. Quality hip-hop full of dope rhymes and production that bleeds of a room full of vinyl with a SP 1200 in hand.

This is just a preview of what is to come from the two, as they are planning a full length project with Inglewood’s own MC Tia P entitled Mr. & Mrs. Smith, scheduled for a 4.20 release.