Ron Shirley II On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

Ron Shirley II On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

you can thank J.Good January 14, 2015

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Does Church Belong In Hip-Hop/R&B?

This week we switch from hip-hop to some soul with our latest guest on the Str8OutDaDen Podcast. Lazies meet Ron Shirley II (and don’t forget the II). This one was a bit different from most podcast we do. We went back to our old method of hitting record mid convo and allowing you guys to catch up to speed.

The REBEL FOREST artist gave us details of how he started singing at the age of six. We also got into some real talk about goals and in depth convo about how to channel vision and goals. Definitely a dope episode. Did I mention this dude can SANG?!?!? So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!