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[Sunday Spotlight] Prince Okezie

you can thank J.Good November 23, 2014 0 comments

prince Okezie

Its a rainy Sunday here in Atlanta, but that doesn’t stop the fact that we have to clue you in on who is up next in our eyes in this world of hip-hop. Lazies meet our latest Sunday Spotlight artist¬†Prince Okezie. Since stumbling across the Atlanta emcee “Love Yourself” visual a couple of months ago, we have been hooked to his sound and message.

Prince Okezie personifies being yourself and creating music that truly represents culture. His most recent project, Cigarettes & Romance (EP), dives into his life and the challenges he faced on his journey to success. The 24 year old with Nigerian roots doesn’t shy away from his heritage in his appearance as well as the music.

Take the time out to get to know Prince Okezie now before you are slapping yourself because you didn’t pre-order tickets to his latest show.

Relax and Listen after the jump.