Andrè DeSaint: Old Dreams/New Themes [Album Review]
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Andrè DeSaint: Old Dreams/New Themes [Album Review]

you can thank MsElectra October 10, 2014 0 comments

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Although lyrical Hip Hop isn’t given the respect it deserves in 2014, Andrè DeSaint is going to prove all the haters wrong.

His latest album, “Old Dreams/New Themes” is perfect for those times when you just want to hear some real dope music. Andrè takes us into his world and funny enough it’s very relative. Every had a dream? Ever deal with stress? A 9-5? Well, you’re definitely not alone and Andrè makes it comfortable for you to relate.

Musically, from tracks 1-10, each is nicely put together; mixing and lyrically. The Florida sound is there but the syncs in for the delivery perfectly. Every track is a head banger. Take this project, sit back and let everything go and vibe out.

Relax and Listen after the jump.

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