Jigz The Flyer: Opium Fields (Album)

Jigz The Flyer: Opium Fields (Album)

you can thank J.Good June 16, 2014

opium fields

There is a point when creativity along with quality actually supersede our expectations by a long shot. This is what happened when I pressed play on Connecticut native Jigz The Flyer latest project. Most of you may already have heard of this dude from his production name Jiggy Hendrix. Even as dope as he may be behind the boards, Jigz shows that his efforts behind the mic shouldn’t be overlooked. His 13 track project, Opium Fields proves that he can handle the task with some of your favorite emcee (insert their names here). Listen as he raps effortlessly over his own production as well as the production of Brilliance, Jay Cass, Stewart Villain and more.

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