Outkast Finds Redemption With Return To Coachella (Video)

Outkast Finds Redemption With Return To Coachella (Video)

you can thank J.Good April 19, 2014 0 comments

Photo courtesy of Billboard

For all of the real Outkast fans out there who was somewhat disappointed with their first performance in 10 years, there was good reason. Whether it was the lack of crowd participation or Dre performing to a monitor; one thing was certain, Kast needed some improvement. Lets be honest, it was clear that Big Boi has been on the road for years and has perfected his show (even if the crowd was not into it). Dre on the other hand needed some work and for good reason, but if we think the first show to be great then maybe our expectations were a bit too high.

The word is out that week 2 of the Mighty O’s performance at Coachella was day and night compared to week one. The duo found redemption and that magic touch again. My assumption is that it would get better as the 40 festival tour continues on. Right now we came across a couple of clips from the show last night, including “The Way You Move” and “Hey Ya”. Stay tuned for more.

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