Henny L.O: Tradition EP

Henny L.O: Tradition EP

you can thank J.Good February 5, 2014 0 comments

tradition ep

After getting off the line with Henny L.O last week the homie sent over his most recent project, Tradition EP for me to give it a full review. When it comes to music, I can only call it like I hear it. Recorded over a weekend, the Richmond emcee put together a solid piece of work. The EP flowed fairly well with the exception to “The Eatery”. Its track number 2 on the project and for some reason it felt slightly out of place. It easily could have been for the long intro into the record, which Henny took the time to point out saying “man this beat take forever to start”. Outside of that the project picks up with Cameron Gipp. The title along caught my attention (Goodie Mob fans understand why). The eerie yet hip-hop production of C.O. Bravo compliments the aggressive flow Henny L.O so much so that I found myself hitting replay quite a few times. However my favorite track and the most obviously single choice was “Uncle Phil”. The storytelling in this track is what will make you a fan of Henny as he toyed with metaphors that bring you into his world as a Fresh Prince fan. Overall you can definitely rock this one in the headphones. There is one spoiler alert though…just way too short. Next time give me two or three more tracks. What do you think? Did I give it a proper review? Or was I way off. You be the judge. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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