What Mason Dixie Thinks...About Macklemore Winning 'Best Rap Album' Over Kendrick Lamar
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What Mason Dixie Thinks…About Macklemore Winning ‘Best Rap Album’ Over Kendrick Lamar

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Words by Mason Dixie

Ok, before I say what I’m going to say about Macklemore beating Kendrick at the Grammy’s last night for Best Rap Album let me preface it with this, I’m probably one of the world’s greatest proponents for diversity you will ever find. I have a wide ranging and eclectic taste in not only music but all forms of artistic expression and I could care less about the color of who I’m listening to or the person(s) I’m watching. I just love great artistry. With that said yes, indeed it is despicable for Macklemore to beat Kendrick. for SO many reasons. And not a one has to do with Mack being white. But honestly it’s not surprising. I KNEW he would win but I still was gonna hold judgement til it actually happened. Now that it has let’s looks at the FACTS.

Kendrick had the best reviewed debut album OF ANY GENRE since Norah Jones hit the scene almost 10 years ago. He currently has a 91 on Metacritic. And Macklemore had a frickin 74. Kendrick was ahead on Macklemore by a country mile on EVERY end of the year Top Albums list from EVERY major publication I can think of. Rolling Stone? Check. Pitchfork? Check. Complex? Check. Empire? Check. XXL, Source? Double check. I mean consensus on who’s album was better was overwhelmingly in Kendrick’s favor. EVEN MACKLEMORE knows it’s better. But this has been a theme for years with this committee at the Grammy’s. They are a joke. They HATE Hip Hop as a genre. They didn’t even have a Best Rap Album category til 1996. 20 years after rap hit the scene. And they can’t wait to rewrite it’s history and facilitate a change of the guard on what Hip Hop looks like, acts like, and sounds like. This has been the agenda FR THE BEGINNING. That being said , after all that. I REALLY blame BLACK PEOPLE for this. We have NO SENSE of cultural history or supporting and honoring our Forefathers period. And music is just another microcosm of that. Take young white kids for instance. They grow up idolizing legends of Rock music like The Beatles, The Clash, AC/DC, Queen, Nirvana etc. They wear TShirts to school buy the back catalogs the whole nine. They understand the IMPORTANCE of keeping greatness alive. Black people? PSSSF!! Good luck! lol How many black people honor Public Enemy? OutKast? A Tribe Called Quest? Sugar Hill Gang? Eric B. And Rakim? The Roots? The Fugees? Lauryn Hill? Like .005%. And Im glad to be in that microscopic percentage. But we gotta do better. If we don’t respect honor and keep alive the greatness in our culture how do we expect someone else to. Look the STUPID IGNORANT RATCHET RETARDED music black people support in droves. Future. 2Chains, Wacka Flocka, Trinidad James?!! You kidding, meanwhile greatness gets overlooked at every turn. It starts with us people. Please get cognizant of what you consume or who you support with your money, time, and attention. IT MATTERS. That is all!