[Sunday Spotlight] Ryshon Jones
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[Sunday Spotlight] Ryshon Jones

you can thank J.Good January 12, 2014 2 Comments

Ryshon Jones

Since my Falcons are not in the playoffs this year, I really have just been watching football to satisfy my sports fix. On the other hand it is Sunday and time for us to introduce you to another emcee for Sunday Spotlight. Lazies meet Ryshon Jones. Some of you may have heard the name floating around before, mainly because the Philadelphia emcee put in a lot of work the past year. In preparation for his Hope Is A Dangerous Thing project dropping tomorrow, we get the HighLeef produced “American Dreamless”. Jones is calling the project a “zip” he put together in the “matter of weeks and a collection of music that just came together effortlessly while in the midst of working on his next album Track Fifteen”. In the meantime head down bottom to check out “American Dreamless” and more from Ryshon Jones.

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