Diggin’ In Da Den: Outkast On Yo MTV Raps Circa 1996 (Video)
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Diggin’ In Da Den: Outkast On Yo MTV Raps Circa 1996 (Video)

you can thank J.Good January 10, 2014 0 comments

outkast yo

Its been a while since we made a Diggin’ In Da Den post, but its a rainy day in Atlanta and as I think of ways to improve on what we do here on Da Den, I figured its time for a reintroduction. When we first started Diggin’ In Da Den the thought process was to showcase some old records I had lying around in the vault. We will still do that from time to time, but the primary focus going forward will be bringing back classic footage from some of the legends in hip-hop. What better way to kick this reintroduction off than with some vintage footage of Outkast making a guest appearance on Yo MTV Raps in 1996. The two talked about their “Elevators” video and gave us some insight behind the meaning of the record, plus answered questions from fans via “email” (still laughing at that one…the world before social media). For those of you who don’t know, Outkast will reunite on stage during Coachella 2014. This will be the first time the two performed together since 2007.

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