Emcee Classiq: Cupid's Vices (EP)

Emcee Classiq: Cupid’s Vices (EP)

you can thank J.Good November 14, 2013 0 comments


The homie Emcee Classiq is back with another project. This time the SoCal emcee focus on his idea of love.

Cupid’s Vices is a conceptual album, where the true meaning of love is laid on the table for discussion. We seek love and rely on Cupid’s steady bow to match us with the perfect mate. We never question Cupid’s motives . We never ask the underlying questions is he flawed as we are? Does Cupid’s arrow always fly true? Love has various contexts and multiple meanings. Cupid’s Vices is a catalyst for debate regarding what we are trying to accomplish in our relationships? and Why we fail to learn from our experiences? is there a compeling variable that allow us to make the same mistakes?

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