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!llmind: Beats For Kanye West (Beat Tape)
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!llmind: Beats For Kanye West (Beat Tape)

you can thank J.Good June 7, 2013 0 comments

beat for kanye

Ever wondered what happens to the beats Kanye looked over? Well !llmind delivers his latest project, Beats For Kanye West with this message:

“Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most exciting producer/artists to emerge in the last decade. His music is one of the few I can safely say I whole-heartedly admire (next to the late great J. Dilla). I had the pleasure of producing “The Morning” off of 2012′s highly anticipated “Kanye West Presents: G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer” LP. During the creation of that song, and between the months of July 2012 – March 2013, I created a handful of tracks with Kanye West in mind. This is a collection of some of that music. It features collaborations and co-production from my long time friend Symbolyc One (Produced Kanye West’s “Power”, “Murder 2 Excellence” on Watch The Throne & part of Kanye’s “Very G.O.O.D. Beats” entity), Dr. Know Jr., M31RK, Hippie Sabotage, Kailiin Yong & The Frontrunnerz. I had so much fun creating this stuff, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.” – !llmind

Relax and Listen below.

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