HelioS - sEMESTER DoS: kapSoura.

HelioS – sEMESTER DoS: kapSoura.

you can thank J.Good May 12, 2013

semester dos

The follow up to HelioS first project, The Frost EP.

The story continues. After the events of my Winter Break that inspired The Frost EP, I went back to college for my second semester. The Spring semester…this album is born from that time. I present to you the darker, eyelash-batting, seductive side of my little corner of Florida. The innocence of sEMESTER UnO: Shards is gone. I used to hide behind the wall of my own naivete. This time, I come out to play. sEMESTER DoS: kapSoura

Relax and Listen below.