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[Str8OutDaDen Exclusive] Gone Wallace – High Renaissance II (Album)

you can thank J.Good February 19, 2013 2 Comments


Yesterday we drop our interview with Gone Wallace and today we get his second installment of High Renaissance (II). The album starts off with The Fall of Shredder as Wallace tells his story of struggling to be heard and the trials of life. Charles Hamilton provides the soundtrack for this one. A very honest way to open up a project I must say. The 9th Wonder produced Bueller is a dedication to the classic film as Gone Wallace speaks on the joys on having a day off and all the pleasures that come along with it. Now one of my favorites off of HRII would have to be James Howlett. Wallace speaks about his accomplishments while keeping the his sense of humor about the industry. 9th is on the production again. Funny enough the Weirdo Interlude by Donald Glover gives the best explanation of why this project is called the High Renaissance. Wallace breaks the norm on the DMB produced, We Exist as he speaks about the things other emcees are scared to talk about and just being yourself as an artist. It also serves as the first single off of the project. Overall I will say that High Renaissance II is a solid project. Hey what can I say, with dope production, dope lyrics and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles how could you not like this.

Relax and Listen below.